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Building for private and public organizations means flexible strategic processes and setup requirements that shape their path to make an impact.Our process is to create a business case that clearly implements your organisation’s focused objectives and key results clearly outlining the ROI with Firstline24 EHR/HMS adoption.

Plan Your Goals
Assess State

Review current organisation identifying pain-points in existing healthcare operations and patient experience. E.g. poor data recording habits, slow administrative operations, poor disbursement of funds from partners, cash flow pressures, no customer incentivisation.

Develop Business Case To Define Outcomes And Criteria

Compelling options to be assessed in terms of performance against requirements, cost and value of expected savings and benefits. This will define overall outcomes and criteria you would realise from Firstline24 EHR/HMS adoption. E.g return on value, efficiency, records and reports, data infrastructure, patient experience, staff motivation.

Customisable Firstline24 EHR/HMS

Dive into our range of our solutions that meet desired outcomes and criteria e.g. company OKRs, business requirements, customer needs, feasibility.

Build Collaborative Team
Set Up Collaborative Team

set up a team between Firstline24 EHR/HMS and your staff to achieve the right features and functionalities through meetings and live testing programs that merits expected outcomes.

Agree On Payment Terms

Evaluate financial health of your health care company to tailor payment terms that cushions your budgeting needs.

Evaluation Options

Consistent evaluation of Firstline24 EHR/HMS based on outcomes and A soft pilot launch can be scheduled during this process.

Get Started With Improved Care
Training and Tutorials

Develop educational resources that allow for effective staff training and reference handouts to make transition to electronic health records faster and safer.

Finalised EHR/HMS

Finalised Service License Agreement, legalities to create a trusting and sustainable environment for both parties to execute operations dutifully.

Achieved Outcomes
Support, Maintenance and Training

This is a long-term commitment by us to service you and provide care for your staff. To not only eliminate any frictions but also make your staff more confident at peak hours to provide exceptional patient care and administrative operations with Firstline24 EHR/HMS. Our support system is 24/7 with fast response to ensure reliability and stability of operations at all times.

Lifelong Partnership

Just us we encourage patients to be proactive with a continuum healthcare journey, we lead by example by ensuring we stick by you to maintain achieved outcomes for as long as it's possible.

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