Founded on the premise of providing technology as second nature in healthcare. Our goal is when they feel more human than heroes, we will be there to

The Genesis

The goal of Firstline24 Team is simply to make sure patients get well and stay well faster. This realisation meant creating a platform that ensures patients’ health records tell one truthful story even if they have received healthcare at multiple hospitals.

But first, we have to ensure our healthcare providers whether unmotivated or under-resourced are turned into the motivated empathetic superheroes we continually project them to be. 

This meant  being committed to continuous years of research and testing to design an application that not only helps them to save lives at each turn but when our superheroes feel they are no longer strong enough to breakthrough, there is a sidekick to always help them lift the weight of quality standard healthcare delivery.

Our superheroes will always be our dependable saviours and Firstline24 EHR will be second nature to their outstanding healthcare delivery goals.

Years of research and testing commitment is the reason we will be achieving this and more.

Our Story

Healthcare is our first love and we want to create innovations that provide the best options for stakeholders with outcomes that become second nature to stakeholders. Our solution is to help patients get better, stay healthy whilst building healthier societies for tomorrow. 

We work with a lot of empathy as it is the human virtue needed more now than ever. And virtue is needed a lot in healthcare delivery / for our first love taught us Empathy as a virtue we need each day to exist. A virtue you need in healthcare delivery. 

With epidemiological shifts in diseases globally, there’s a huge demand on clinicians and providers to not only be heroes but empathetic heroes. These are the heroes we want our core infrastructures to aid in sustaining human life as It is becoming increasingly impossible to be a hero each day. 

We develop EHR to be the support system that is second nature to our heroes. By focussing on patient care, our facilities can be the core infrastructure that supports each day.

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