Firstline24 Health would like to invite you to its upcoming virtual launch of the Firstline24 Electronic Health Records (EHR) software application. This launch is scheduled for Saturday, 3rd December, 2022 at 12pm. Kindly join us by clicking here.

Firstline24 EHR is designed to be the operating system for clinics, independent specialty practices, community hospitals, district and regional level hospitals.

Firstline24 EHR team committed years to research and development with a goal of developing a hospital administration programme that transforms healthcare delivery for providers. Some achieved objectives include;

  • Improving medical practice by increasing practice efficiencies and cost savings. Reducing medical errors through better access to patient data, error prevention alerts, improved documentation, automated coding capabilities, and integrated scheduling that links appointments directly to progress notes and managed claims.
  • Enhancing communication with other clinicians, labs, and health plans. Firstline24 EHR allows providers to easily access patient information anywhere, save on time with easier centralised chart management, condition-specific queries and automated formulary checks by health plans.
  • Enhancing revenue operations by automating clinical orders to reduce time and resources needed for manual charge entry, resulting in more accurate billing and reduction in lost charges, Reduced charge lag days and vendor/insurance denials associated with late filing, Charge review edits alerting physicians if a test can be performed only at a certain frequency,
  • Improving diagnostics & patient outcomes as providers have reliable access to a patient’s complete health information. This comprehensive picture can help providers diagnose patients’ problems sooner in a preventive care setting.

This 30-minute demo will allow us to preview our provider-patient focussed EHR solution, as we build a partnership with you to create the most convenient healthcare delivery experience in Ghana.

Join us on the 3rd December, 2022 by registering here