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Digitally enabled care is no longer a nice-to-have, but a fundamental imperative for governments and their agencies to reinvent how healthcare is accessed and delivered.

We at Firstline24 EHR/HMS are creating unprecedented opportunities to transform what has been the provision of healthcare that is traditionally focused on the clinician, hospital, their legacy infrastructure, and incentives to maintain the status quo.  Our solutions are the next wave in this transformation. 


Beyond just patient records centralisation : A focus on health and care outcomes. A letter from Firstline24 CEO.

Our Approach

To build core infrastructures that embodies the context of Preventive Care, Curative Care, Treatment Plan, Care Continuum and Research.

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Our All-In-One Process means our capabilities extend beyond the software production.

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Our EHR/HMS solutions are a research and policy based approach to ensure the proper running of healthcare activities across directorates with uniform patient care. Providing integrations that centralises patient health care journey to create a single source of truth at district, sub-district and rural community level. 

We design and deploy needed data centres with outcomes on data security, system performance and system reliability.

We design and deploy a private access network to allow for seamless communication on all levels between facilities, specialty clinics, departments and patients to the hosting data centre. With outcomes focusing on transparency of all centre activities at directorates, real-time data sharing, full access to data control, easy maintenance and update deployment, high data security alert and effective data backup processes.

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Monitor diseases in societies keenly and flag contagious infections or episodes. Monitoring in real-time will allow quickest responses to developing  epidemics. Using our intuitive  predictive analytic tools to target clinics and hospitals with accurate stock and administrative operational tools.   Outcome: Lessen burden on curative care models

Using better data infrastructures such as non-intrusive big data analytical options to improve care goals. We are helping you solve rising problems faced in care delivery  based on demand from poor and aging populations, rising costs and assets shortage - both in the number of healthcare professionals and inventory stock access. Outcome: optimising administrative and clinical decision making faculties of health sectors

Designing suitable health solutions considering workplace infrastructures and financial plans  that presents economic, financial and social advantages to you. Outcome: Imperative to have no waste of money upon entry.

Being at the forefront of developing impactful technologies in healthcare for the government and its agencies  to fulfil their promise of rapid healthcare growth even across the remotest areas. Outcome: broadening access to unified healthcare processes to cover diagnosis, treatment, survivorship even in areas declared “dead zones”.

A secured partnership for continual support and training periods to achieve healthcare ultimate goal of socio-economic impact. This means we are working with you and your associations on a long term basis. Outcome: Unending reliability and stability in achievable outcomes.

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