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With no upfront setup costs, Firstline24 EHR cloud package means we host your healthcare software solutions without any initial financial hurdles to you. Just connect to the internet and you are fully functional to accessing the software across any location.

What we promise with our Cloud EHR Service

  1. Convenient Secured Log-In
  2. No Need For An IT Administrator
  3. Priced According To Your Customisable Needs
  4. Subscription Models To Keep You Within Budget Plans
  5. Reliable Infrastructure with 99% uptime
  6. Regular Improvements, fixes and new features
  7. Automated Update Cycles
  8. 24/7 Support, Always Available
  9. Smooth Set Up Process: Training And Tutorials
  10. Stable Infrastructure To Support Your Team’s Growth Plans

Our Gold Standard Cloud EHR/HMS means;

Data Security Management

System Maintenance

Data Storage Management

Users Management

Cost Benefit Analysis

Focus on the care to satisfy your patients and partners and we will provide the tools for you to  be clinically and operationally efficient. Read WhitePaper

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