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Billing & Accounting

Revenue Cycle Management to achieve your financial health goals. Introduce an agile environment to streamline your billing processes providing a money trail across the organisation/practice.

For Big Bank: Finance Team

Our automated processes and digital payment platform means you get paid faster, monitor and sidestep all challenges with revenue generation and managing cash accounts. 

Study your facility’s financial health profile in real time through analytics and make timely decisions to boost your financial goals. 

  1. Auto Billing and Invoicing
  2. Cash Management
  3. Claims Management
  4. Copayment
  5. Centralised Account Receivables
  6. Centralised Account Payables
  7. Billing Analytics
  8. Audit Trail
  9. Rate Management
  10. Reporting 
  11. Bookkeeping
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Pay.24: Receive Payments in Seconds

Optimise Account Receivables with our flexible digital payment platform for mobile money wallets and debit/credit cards to satisfy patients. Providing value-added service to your revenue cycle management

Pay.24 is Firstline24 EHR/HMS tailored payment solution that facilitates payment of necessary bills through a secured online portal.

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